Griffin’s French OTF approved and authorised by AMF and ACPR

Griffin’s French OTF is now listed on ESMA’s official register following completion of the authorisation process by the French regulators, the AMF and the ACPR.

The entry on ESMA’s website shows that the OTF, operated by Griffin Markets Europe SAS with a MIC Code of GMEO, became active on 4th March 2019.

The date on which the OTF will become operational has not yet been determined and depends upon the timetable and circumstances surrounding the UK’s exit from the European Union. Griffin is ready to invoke plans to make the French OTF operational at short notice when there is political certainty about the terms and effects of Brexit and Griffin will provide further details about timing in due course.

Until such time as Griffin’s French OTF becomes operational, Griffin will continue to provide its services through its London-based OTF. Griffin will only operate one OTF and plans to close its UK OTF should the French OTF become operational.

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