We operate a leading wholesale energy trading venue and are regulated by the AMF/ACPR as an OTF.


We offer standardised contracts for trading in UK and Continental European gas and power, as well as more complex bespoke structured arrangements.  We do this using a mix of voice and electronic services.


Hybrid execution in European and UK hubs.

Jonathan Reguer

Sanjit Lochab

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Hybrid execution in European and UK grids.

Paul Vujnovic – EU and UK

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Mikel Abi Ramia

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Jamie Lawson

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We are customer led.  We don’t operate a one-size-fits-all model, and we strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We adapt to the needs of our customers to provide the service that they want.

Our hybrid execution model comprises teams of experienced market professionals working alongside GlobalVision – the Trayport platform that is heavily integrated into Griffin’s market leading back office systems.

Our systems are also integrated into all the major European energy exchanges meaning that we are able to offer seamless straight through processing for cleared transactions.

It is also vitally important to us that our systems support our broking desks and allow our teams to focus on client service, from working voice orders to facilitate trading in size to finding solutions to credit issues.

Being customer led applies to voice-only markets too.  In less liquid option markets or complex structured energy markets our customers value the support and insight our brokers can offer.  We believe it is important for our brokers to understand the markets and the products with which they work and we strive to use this knowledge to add value wherever we can.

High integrity voice execution to facilitate price and volume discovery is fundamental to our service.

Our passion and reputation for providing excellence and integrity in execution has established Griffin as one of Europe’s leading energy trading venues.


Need regulatory information?

We operate a leading wholesale energy trading venue and are regulated by the AMF/ACPR in France, the FCA in the UK and the NFA in the US.


Are you looking for real time or historic market data?

Griffin runs Europe’s leading OTC wholesale physical energy marketplace and has solutions to meet your data needs.

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