Problems we solve.

By anticipating and listening to our customers’ needs, we can focus our efforts on improving the trading experience across the wholesale energy markets. We take pride in delivering market leading and innovative solutions across the full trade lifecycle that can benefit the market as a whole.

“I need venues to give me efficient execution.”

We are customer led and use technology where we can to allow our brokers to focus on delivering market leading service, brokering voice for price and volume discovery where required.

We employ skilled individuals that sign up to our code of conduct.  We provide execution services that are market leading in terms of speed, accuracy and professionalism from a team of experience and integrity.


“I do not want my name leaked to the market. I need brokers I can trust.”

We have zero tolerance on leaking both names and sensitive information.


“I need brokers and venues to add value.”

As innovators, we lead from the front. We have invested significantly to create positive change in the industry by deploying first-to-market technology combined with a team committed to integrity and efficiency.


“I need to free up my credit lines so I can access more tradeable orders.”

We have worked hard to improve access to liquidity and operate innovative, low cost credit optimisation services pre-trade and post-trade.


“I don’t have access to OTC market data points in gas and power.”

We have historic and real-time data solutions to provide transparency and insight to the European energy markets.


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