Griffin is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and authorised to operate an Organised Trading Facility (“OTF”) in accordance with the requirements of MiFID II.  Griffin is also regulated as an Introducing Broker by the National Futures Association in the US.

Accordingly, Griffin is able to offer market participants a full range of execution and reporting services covering both financial and non-financial instruments including:

  • Hybrid voice/electronic execution platform.
  • REMIT reporting of physical gas and power orders and trades.
  • Transaction reporting for financial instruments under MiFID II.
  • Position limit reporting under MiFID II.

Contracts for the supply of physical gas and power in the EU which are executed through Griffin’s OTF will not be classified as financial instruments in accordance with C6 of Annex I to MiFID II.

Alongside its OTF, Griffin also offers:

  • An arranging service for the registration of block futures trades.
  • An arranging service for bespoke contracts which are executed outside the OTF.
  • Ancillary services including data analysis and trading tools.

Post trade transparency data relating to financial instruments is available to view at:

Griffin’s MIC codes are as follows:

  • GRIO (segment MIC applicable to OTF)
  • GRIF (operating MIC)

REMIT Reporting

Griffin has been successfully reporting to ACER on behalf of its customers discussions since the start of the REMIT reporting obligation on the 7th October 2015.  Griffin offers its customers a choice of RRM and has been at the forefront of the development of REMIT reporting solutions.

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