We believe there’s a better way to operate in the energy markets.


Led by innovation, delivered with integrity, we are continually striving to define new standards that mean enhanced access to liquidity, execution excellence and credit optimisation.
We attract liquidity through our in-house developed systems and trusted relationships.  We work orders accurately, effectively and fairly – executing at market levels and processing trades on a timely basis.



“Honesty and integrity are the foundation of trust”

Our service offering is built on excellence in execution, integrity and trust.

We protect information.  We don’t pass names.  We don’t feed inside information to garner liquidity.  We work hard to deliver our customers the best execution in a manner that should be the standard, not a target.



We have worked tirelessly to build a reputation for constant improvement and innovation to better serve our customers and optimise their trading experience.

We have used first-to-market technology to deliver a unique suite of functionality to improve liquidity, efficiency and credit optimisation.

We are passionate about identifying opportunities for improvement in the market place and determined to be at the forefront of driving change.

Credit optimisation.


We recognise that credit management is important to our customers. Using smart technology and collaborative ways of working, we have a number of solutions to optimise credit lines and improve liquidity.

Pre-trade, we have developed technologies that allow more orders to be tradable on our Trayport platform, providing our customers with greater liquidity and a higher probability of getting executed at market.  Through continual investment and development, our sophisticated tool can be configured to suit the individual requirements of our customers.

Post-trade, we have invested heavily so that those who trade through our platform can benefit from significant credit savings.  We understand that credit lines can become constrained which restricts trading choices.  Our market leading systems allow targeted and optimised identification of opportunities to reduce credit pinch points.  We regularly deliver notional annual savings of over €10 billion.

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